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Originally Posted by onexchef View Post

So now I am left with the question, did I just cook it too long, or is the parchment paper not a good substitute for the red butcher paper.

More experimentation needed.

Oh yes this is your problem. But there are 17 different types of Red Butcher Paper.... 168 Imports as well. Continentally... I think there are 29 different ones and two that are more salmon than "red". You will need to buy every one and cook a brisket for each one of them. Please, please do this and report your results here 13 years from now.

Parchment paper has been known to overcook a brisket while wrapped in the fridge while using the freezer paper can actually REVERSE overcooking... Not sure you know this. I hear Mixon's strategy is to overcook then wrap in freezer paper 13 minutes per pound until its... "right."

I can think of a million marther farkers that come in this farking place every farking day that would fark some old dried out hag after peeling back the scabs with an oyster shucker in order to make a Brisket that looks as good as yours. If you overcook one.... fixing it as far as mastery is easy.... its the ones that fret and undercook and think its done and dried up that keep going down the low and slow death march.

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