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K-ville -- did you buy your Vision Kamado at Canadian Tire? It didn't have a heat deflector? Did the box and paperwork not say it should come with a heat deflector? My Vision Pro came with a heat deflector lava stone, my problem with it is it's too small, the edges of what I'm smoking burn terribly (especially large pieces of meat) so I use an old cookie sheet to create a baffle, I just rest it on the thick rim of the fire bowl before I put down the first grill. Works beautifully, no burned edges on turkeys or pork legs/shoulders. The heat deflector mine came with is only 15", I want one at least 16" and would prefer 16.5" for the type of smoking I do.

Thank you for posting Vision's reply, that is very helpful information.
Hi Kathy's. My daughter is in Guelph, going to OVC.
Mine is the Vision Classic B from Coscto. It doesn't come with a heat deflector. The cookie sheet works, but I'd prefer something heavier for some thermal mass. A local pottery store in Ottawa sells 15.5 inch round kiln shelves which are made of Cordierite - they are designed to withstand over 1000 degrees celcius and they only cost $25. If I can rig up a bracket, I may go that route.

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