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Default The Texas Crutch With Parchment Paper

I have read a lot lately about using butcher paper instead of foil when cooking a brisket. I wanted to try this but I didn't have any butcher paper so I decided to try parchment paper. My concern was that the "natural" or red paper recommended for this was unwaxed. While the parchment paper had a shinny side which I assumed was similar to the white butcher paper that was not recommended. I was concerned that the parchment would trap more steam than desired therefore defeating the purpose of using paper in the first place. I am defiantly a novice at smoking so I also knew my inexperience would be a factor in my little experiment. The thing I heard over and over was not to depend solely on temps but looks and feel.
The setup was WSM, Stubbs, 50/50 pecan and oak 250*. I ran for six hours till I was happy with the color and bark (IT 165*) Wrapped for three hours still at 250* cook temp. Probe went through like butter. Towel wrapped in ice chest two hours.

Here are the before and after shots.

I am pleased with the looks and it has a nice smoke ring the taste was great but the texture was too soft. The problem is that it is overdone.

So now I am left with the question, did I just cook it too long, or is the parchment paper not a good substitute for the red butcher paper.

More experimentation needed.
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