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Default caution about notching

Hi folks,
Iím a new Vision Classic owner and new to this forum. Like many others Iíve been looking at heat deflector options for my Vision. Iím in Canada, so my options are somewhat limited compared to the US. Iím currently using an old cracked pizza stone on the lower grid, which works, but it looks crappy, especially in a work of art like a Kamado.

The Vision lava stone isnít available here, but I can get the KJ heat deflector locally.
Before ordering the KJ, I thought I'd check with Vision about notching the bowl as many on this and other forums have done. I thought I should share Visions reply, which is that notching the bowl will void the warranty.

I emailed Vision and got this response just the other day:

"Dear Brian: I would have to say that we could not warrant a fire bowl that has been modified. Putting notches in it could very well lead to a break, which would void the warranty.

Laurie Copeland
Customer Service Manager
Vision Grills"

I'd hate to jeopardize a lifetime warranty for the sake of some notches, so I'm hoping the KJ fits height-wise with no issues, especially when using both grids.
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