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Originally Posted by smokeisgood View Post
Oh, I know where it comes from. I've dressed many a deer, rabbit etc, and cut them up for cooking. I don't put them on a spit and eat them while they're looking at me either.... I've never butchered a hog because I don't raise them. Butchering them is not what bothers me, eating them whole is just not my thing....not that there's anything wrong with it..
Agh I gotcha man, I guess I've just got use to it, and even then I understand that everyone is wired differently. If we were all wired the same we wouldn't have all the variety of barbecue we got, so I guess that it's a good thing really. (Why isn't there a beer toast and only this tea one?!?!?! LOL)

Originally Posted by Libertarian View Post
Propane is popular around the Carolinas for cooking pigs but the best barbecue joints in Eastern North Carolina still cook with wood and coals. I'll probably buy a wood/charcoal pig cooker like the one below. I know propane is easier but if I wanted easy I wouldn't be here.
I hear ya on the wood. Before I started using wood and charcoal I was on electric and I just don't like it anymore. I haven't even used my gas grill in forever, I always go for the Performer. Just a ton more flavor and more primal to me, which is what makes all this so enjoyable and so much fun. If it was super easy we wouldn't have anything to tend to and work on!
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