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Originally Posted by smokinrack View Post
Hi guys im new here but have been reading the forums for awhile now. We built one of these last summer except laid it flat and went with one big rack and a big rotisserie in it. The barrel will work as a firebox but I found on ours anyway in bad weather rain, high winds an d temps dropping it wasnt insulated enough to hold temp without fighting it the whole time. Personally im planning to cut the barrel off and go with a heavier box thats hopefully less maintenance on long overnight cooks in bad weather.

At first I considered laying it flat too. I figured I could mount the drum I'm using for the firebox directly underneath, but I'm actually gaining quite a bit of cooking space by going vertical with 3 levels as opposed to one (3744 sq inches versus 2494 sq inches). Also, I thought the doors would be easier to cut/mount.

I'm also considering digging up an 85 gallon drum to house the inner 55 gallon and stuffing the gap with insulation. Haven't quite figured out how it's going to work, just an idea. Also, depends on the price.
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