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Default Re: Ugly Drum Smoker

Seasoning burn is done! Started after work about 6:30 pm, got home from work the next day about 5pm still had hot coals inside. I did have one issue I wanted opinions on. I had a very tough time getting to 250 with all three vents open. I have, based upon this thread narrowed down to three suspects.
First, when I put the fire basket together the longest bolt HD had was 3". Not wanting to go back to Lowes(had already been there) because they didn't have expanded steel which is why I was at HD to start with, I got the 3"ers.
Two, being the first time user may not have started enough coals so it might have floundered because of that?
C) Exhaust opening not big enough/ poor air flow. I have the flat top and the large bung hole( I am the Great Cornholio,,, you have TP?) Is slightly smaller than the one on my second drum that I have not started on yet.

Any opinions would be helpful. Even jokes about Beavis and Butthead.

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