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Originally Posted by HankB View Post
I bought the 12" version prior to building a shed. I've used it a few times since and having something like that is GREAT!

Another of my favorite power tools is a 4 1/2" Makita angle grinder. (My son has the HF version and I do not recommend it!) I've found a lot of uses for that.

BTW, nice work on the table. For a first project it looks very good. It took me a lot longer to get things to look like that.
Yup... I bought a 4.5" angle grinder at Walmart (Skil brand) when I built my UDS. I have used it for several other projects since then as well and I'm glad I have it around.

As for high quality tools, I'm 100% supportive of buying that stuff, but in my case, I didn't want to spend a wad of money on something I'm not sure I'll be using that much in the future. If future projects dictate a need for better equipment, I'll certainly upgrade.
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