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Default Padawan and Phubar gone Japanese Pron Pt.2

-starter shrimps in a Phyllo dough cup with oysters and a wasabi sabayon creme (Padawan)

-main course BBQ Japanese style kakuni porkbelly with Japanese sticky sesame rice,Japanese radish,shiitake,mini pak choi and bimi (Phubar)

-dessert candy sushi with Hennessey coPhee (Dennessey)

Padawan made some Phyllo dough cups in a silicone muPhin thingy...stuPhed them with shiitake,snow peas,grated carrot,scallion,beansprouts,smoked shrimps.
Oysters with a Japanese oystersauce concoction,scallion,grated carrots,beansprouts.
Sabayon creme with sake,wasabi.

Porkbelly marinated in a concotion of peanut oil,garlic,ginger,scallion,sake,rice wine vinigar,soya sauce,anise seeds,kelp,water,salt.
Rubbed with salt,pepper,5-spice...glazed with the lePhtover marinade.

Candy sushi was made out of marzipan,Japanese rice (with coconut milk,grated coconut,Phresh vanilla,lime zest,sugar) ,mango and strawberry.

-WGA (3)
-UDS (S,M,L)

All fueled by [COLOR=lime]Ecobrasa[/COLOR] Coco Briquettes

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*[URL=""]Lowland Smokers[/URL] Dutch BBQ Champion 2013 Low 'n Slow
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