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Originally Posted by rcbaughn View Post
Man I'm the opposite, I think that everyone should know where your food is coming from and that something had to give it up for me to get it. Seeing one whole makes it hit closer but like you said, each to own. I guess we've been killing hogs yearly ever since I was small and I'm 25 now, so I was just brought up that way and am use to it. Love knowing who handled and where my meat came from. Control over the whole process!

By the way Lib, you said you are getting a true pig cooker probably. Did you mean it will be propane powered then since you said most of them are? I think that most people agree that stick burners give better flavor and flavor is all that matters with Q no doubt. I don't have experience with that though, just wanted to remind ya before you made the purchase and didn't look into that part too.
Propane is popular around the Carolinas for cooking pigs but the best barbecue joints in Eastern North Carolina still cook with wood and coals. I'll probably buy a wood/charcoal pig cooker like the one below. I know propane is easier but if I wanted easy I wouldn't be here.
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