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Originally Posted by schmitty28 View Post
is that a typical cook method with a WSM to just add 16# of coals and it is suppose to get to done temp? just curious don't have a WSM but the meat will tell you if its done bone should wiggle free
Yip. That method has worked well for me in the past. But I'm usually monitoring things all along the way, and there's no mystery. 16# of charcoal will give me 12 hours, but I may have had the bottom vents open too much and made it too hot. Maybe I should hone my skills more before I do another overnight smoke.

I ended up foiling them in the oven at 315 for about 90 minutes. THe bones pulled out very easily. The family nibbled at them as I pulled the meat. It's about about 4 hours since, and nobody of pooping/puking.

By the way. Two 8# butts yeilded exactly 8# of ziplock bagged meat.
I've been wondering how much edible meat comes from a butt.
Looks like 50% is bone and fat.

Thanks all VERY MUCH for the advise!
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