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somebody shut me the fark up.
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I've only done faux reverse sears with Tri-Tip, Ribeyes, Flank or Flat Irons on my Mini UDS. The cook grate is 6" from the top of the drum, so its very close to the coals so I'm essentially grilling, but I'll hit them low with a good amount of smoke, then pull them @ 100-105* internal and let them rest until the temps get over 350* with all 3 intakes open and the lid off and just set them back on the grate and get flame licked.

Theres no reason you couldn't do it on a 55 gallon drum, whether doing it like Smokin' D shows or using a smaller charcoal ring and raising it higher in the drum.
I'm using the Mini Cajun Bandit Smokey Joe or the Cajun Bandit Stacker on a Performer with an indirect setup for almost all my Reverse Searing duties these days-they are made for it!
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