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Originally Posted by UDS808 View Post
Question: I used permatex high temp rev silicone gasket maker #81160 to seal the fittings I used in the air intake holes. Is there any reason why that wouldn't be a good idea before I finish and do my first burn on my UDS?
If you are talking about putting in on the threads then no it wont really work very well, if you are saying it will be on the inside then no not a good idea, if you are using it around the outside around the pipe, just know it wont paint well, if you want it to paint try some JB weld. I would do it after the burn with a good clean surface. The red REV is what I used on my uds, because the fittings were a bit loose. I have only lost the hair on my left side with one eye now about 1 1/2 inch lower than my other one. and of course the in my left foot.
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