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He (AF) don't serve off the pit they sit in a warming oven once they pass his finger poke test until service. So lets say for arguments sake the briskets start coming off the pit at 1 am they go into a warmer at 150 until he opens at 11. The long hold at a low temp completes the rendering process; results> pure butter texture,moist, jiggly brisket. I let mine drop to 180 then hold at 180 for 3 hrs and let it cool to 150. The lowest setting on My oven is 170 I chose 180. 30 deg hotter for a little less time IMO is a good approximation. Letting is rest to 150 allows it to relax and keeps it juicy.
so the warmer is set at 150? For some reason I was thinking they rested @ 200.
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