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I got the bacon out of the saran wrap and bag a couple days ago. They were curing for 8 days and they were very firm. I don't like soaking the bacon in water at the end to remove the saltiness. I went to the effort of adding all the spices so why soak it and remove it all from the outside. Last time I made bacon I used 2.5% salt and it was pretty salty and had to soak it. Most people commented that it was a little salty but they expected it eating bacon. I made these with 2% salt, so we'll see how it turns out.

Maple bacon

Herb bcaon

Special bacon

The three amigos ready to go back in the fridge.

Just chillin in the fridge.

After curing I put them in the fridge to form the pellicle. Normally, I would have smoked them the next evening but it snowed a lot and I didn't want to go out knowing it was to be almost 50 the next day.

Yesterday I smoked the bacon.

Here's the rig all ready to go.

I cold smoked the bacon for about 9 hours. I used about 1/2 hickory, 1/4 maple, and 1/4 cherry pellets. As I'm writing this I it sounds a lot like the "pitmaster blend" from amazen products, which I have a bag of. I guess it was a good idea or popular at least.

Maple bacon

Herb bacon

Wrapped back up and in the fridge. I got too anxious and missed a pic of the special bacon.

I let the smoke mellow for a day or two then slice and package. I'll probably slice it up on Sat and Sun. I get bored pretty quick slicing it so I like to spread it out a little.
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