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Originally Posted by Zin View Post
Just a old grease fire, need to scrape the grease build up on the inside of the bowl.
Have had that happen before also. The blades never really clean or scrape all the way down to the metal. As grease drips and the ash settles on it, it hardens and creates a layer of ash and grease. Since I mostly bank the coals, the side of the bowl directly under the meat has a thicker build up of grease and that's when I get those fires. It starts at the bottom and the flames creep up the side of the bowl until all the crud is burned off. What I do know is rotate where I put the coals. That way, the coals will help burn off the crud and I don't get the thick build up. I also give the bowl a good scrap down once in a while. You'd be suprised and the amount of build up that is there regardless of cleaning blades. I've had the fire under the bowl where the vents and handle are at too.
For those of you with the regular ash pans, keep those clean. I've had coals make their way to the ash pan and start a fire there due to grease build up.
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