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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by Pitmaster T View Post
Hey, there may be others that think the same way so I thought I'd comment. This video I hope you understand is NOT intended for guys like us.
But Pitmaster T, this video doesn't really even help all those poor insufferable little bastiges. They can just go farking watch the other farking 85 bajillion farkity-farkin' arm-flappin', bluesy-jammin', geetar-riffin, dull-n-borin', instruction-followin', unit-assemblin', sell-outin', sleep-inducin', fence-sittin' farking time wasters out there on the interwebz!

Now, don't get me wrong. I have no problem with the PBC whatsoever. In fact, I would like to get one someday. I'm also not one of those farking brainwashed UDS robots either! Although I would also like to build my own vision of a UDS someday.

My problem isn't the cooker at all. It's the way you make your video. It sucks. It was boring. And frankly, I don't really think we learned anything because your intent all along was to show off the PBC which has already been done, and has downloadable files from the website that say the exact same thing you showed us.

Now, had you made this thing "funky", then you would have blown that bitch up and shown us something we never thought of before. It would have been a lot more interesting. People would have been on their toes wondering what the fark was coming next. Even if they DIDN'T learn anything, at least it was more enjoyable than watching some penguin BBQ impersonator!

I hope you realize I'm laughing as I type all this!

I hope you are not ACTUALLY so serious about this "new video series" that I am somehow pi$$ing in your cornflakes either. Because...well...since I lack the "funkified funk", I'll put it in more of a Camaro on Cinder Blocks term.

This series is the short-haired Metallica. You know, the one that killed music-sharing?

Peace out!
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