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Originally Posted by bigabyte View Post

Spout off all intelligent like while you simply assemble some farking unit per manufacturers instructions and then remind us all how a farking UDS works

This video is not designed for US. In addition, is it a product review that does not try and push the PBC on its potential buyer. I am sure Noah probably may not totally appreciate me giving the UDS so much air time or that I kind of leave the decision up to the watcher...I am purposely trying to make sure I let the viewer know they can go either way. The PBC is just easier.... order it, open it, use it - DONE.

Assembly of PBC... 30 seconds.... the uds per my UDS video.... 2 days. In two days you could have bbqed all sorts of things.... however.... as of yet, you can't slow smoke or make pizzas on the PBC. lol

Seriously. Even if you came out and said "This PBC is so farking awesome I threw away every other unit I ever owned, and when I fire it up all the women in town flock to my yard and start dry humping my leg", I STILL would be on the fence about it or a UDS.

Once again Chris, I "pimped" the UDS. I have other girls... anything a guy would need. I do not work for PBC so I am gonna just state the facts as I see them and let the buyer decide. This was called the "soft sell" in the car biz. We used it for those people turned off by the hard sell. Essentially... each smoker has its merits....

For the guy that IS a tinkerer and enjoys it, unless he wants to tinker with the PBC (and I am surely going to make it variable) - the guy that says "I ain't spending that much MONEY on a farking drum!" - he is gonna go the UDS way. If he likes that extra 100 bucks he saves can be spent on meat as far as he sees it... OR SOME of that money could be spent drilling 4 holes (Possibly six), dialing back his vents, cutting the rebar and bending 14 or more hooks to make his own PBC inspired UDS hanger system.

For the guy that is not a tinkerer OR who wants to tinker on other things besides something he cooks on... the guy that says "I ain't spending that much TIME on a farking drum!" - he is gonna go the PBC way. That extra 100 bucks is worth avoiding the hassles of a UDS. The time he saves can be spent cooking and tweaking his recipes and technique.

I mean seriously, why the fark should I believe you over my own opinion that I am going to form after watching all 85 bajillion other faring BBQ videos out there by the other clones with that same farking guitar riff and their differing opinions on cookers and what BBQ is exactly?

Remember, this video was not for you. We often forget, and I was reminded of this when I started indexing the UDS Thread. There are scores of people that have a pedestrian interest in BBQ. As I went through the UDS thread I was floored by the scores of people that joined our forum, thanked us for the UDS thread, posted their UDS build and never commented further. There were lots of them. Essentially they got what they needed and went on with life.... or.... perhaps they may have died or were murdered in a horrible way. After all, surveys prove that 93% of us will die at some point in our lives.

There are the guys and gals that have limited money, space, tools, initiative to tinker, skills, welders, ability to burn out a UDS in their neighborhood, a truck to get a UDS, perhaps live in an apartment, and time to mess with a UDS.... those will buy the PBC or some ready made smoker.

As far as why they should listen to be...

I am Pitmaster T Byatch!

Hey, there may be others that think the same way so I thought I'd comment. This video I hope you understand is NOT intended for guys like us.
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