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Default Slice a Whole Brisket

Hey Guys
I started to post this in an ongoing thread about the Franklin method of cooking brisket. I had second thoughts because it was not relevant to cooking a brisket just cutting it. Self moderation

I found this interesting maybe others will too. It's about slicing a whole packer brisket after its cooked.

You can see the whole article here.
Start by slicing the flat across the grain until you encounter the point muscle on top of the flat. In the photo above he is one or two slices from hitting the point.

The remaining hunk has two muscles with the grain going in different directions. Slice it in half as above. The right section is a butt end with one cut edge. The left section, actually the middle of the brisket after the sliced flat is removed from its left, and the butt from its right. It has two cut edges.

Slice the center section as shown, from the outer edge in.

Slice the remaining butt end of the point in the same direction as you cut the flat, continuing along the cut face.

Thin parts of the flat can be chopped and some of the fat from between the point and flat can be mixed in for moisture. The results are crunchy, heavily seasoned, and juicy. They can also be doused in sauce, and served on a bun like they do at many restaurants in Texas.
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