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Default Pig Cookers vs Traditional Offsets

I'm hoping for some input from some of the more experienced brethren on this. I currently own a Large KJ and a Pitmaker Safe - both essentially vertical smokers. I am planning to add an offset/horizontal to the family this year and one of my primary objectives is to be able to cook a whole pig several times/year. I'll use the offset for lots of other things too, but the ability to cook a 75-100 lb. pig is a key consideration. Here in the Carolinas most guys have pig cookers with at least 36" of depth and most of them run on propane. Thankfully you can also buy them as charcoal/wood only cookers as well. Similar to the cookers made by BQ Grills in NC. Guys here swear you need the 36" to accomodate a split pig.

I really prefer the more traditional offsets - something like a Lang, Jambo or Pitmaker Sniper. 24" diameter buy 48-60" or so. Will these easily accomodate a small to smallish medium size pig or am I going to run out of room? Anyone successfully cooking pigs on these size pits? I realize I could cook halves but for presentation purposes I want the ability to cook the entire thing.

Any input greatly appreciated. The Texas-style offsets are not as popular around here but these pig cookers (many of them stainless) are everywhere.
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