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That upsets me about your pizza business. It's sad that the government can impede a business from staying in business with frivolous regulation measures. Seems that street vendors and traveling catering catch it hardest of all and they are usually the most cared for food businesses from what I've seen.

That said though, before I got into barbecue I spent endless, endless hours researching pizza and breads and trying to replicate them in my home oven and just never really got there with the pies. My breads turn out okay, but without a wood burning oven truly great pizza is gonna escape me. I'd love to have one that could dome 1100 and do a 60 second pie.

I like your dough recipe since it's quick and easy, but what do you think of slow fermentation and less kneading, and perhaps slow rise with sourdough starters? Ever worked with it at all? I've heard that the oxidation from lots of kneading impedes overall rise, but I haven't done enough work on it on my own, been too busy working on my Q really when I have the time and money. Anywho, just gonna get your take on all that slow fermentation jazz since you probably know a whole lot more than me from experience and age. Have a great one man, awesome looking pies you put out.
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