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Originally Posted by bigabyte View Post
Good freaking Lord.

Kill me now.

First off...It's just like every other farking BBQ video on the farking know the one. There's a farking bajillion of them, and they all have the EXACT same farking music line stumbling in the background to try and make me feel all impressed that they must know their farking BBQ chit because it's some bluesy guitar jam bullcrap. AND I LIKE BLUES AND BLUES ROCK! I just don't feel particularly impressed by someones video just because they spent more time trying to pick the farking music than putting thought into their farking video! FARK! HOW COULD YOU RUIN YOUR REPUTATION LIKE THIS???

Second, you seem really dorky and boring. I mean, seriously, I'm not sure how the fark I am still awake after ten farking minutes of watching you stand there and flapping your arms like you don't know what to do with them while you try and spout off all intelligent like while you simply assemble some farking unit per manufacturers instructions and then remind us all how a farking UDS works. HOW COULD YOU RUIN YOUR REPUTATION LIKE THIS?????

Now, granted, if I was completely farking new to all this BBQ stuff, and I thought my entire freaking life and future of all things BBQ hinged on the single decision of deciding whether or not I buy a PBC or build a UDS for my first "real" smoker as I graduate from the farking crock farking pot, then MAYBE I would manage to stay awake...but you could have wrapped all that up in under a minute instead of flapping your arms around at your side yabbering on and one for 11 farking minutes!

Honestly, if I was that new, I probably STILL wouldn't know whether or not I wanted a UDS or a PBC. Seriously. Even if you came out and said "This PBC is so farking awesome I threw away every other unit I ever owned, and when I fire it up all the women in town flock to my yard and start dry humping my leg", I STILL would be on the fence about it or a UDS. I mean seriously, why the fark should I believe you over my own opinion that I am going to form after watching all 85 bajillion other faring BBQ videos out there by the other clones with that same farking guitar riff and their differing opinions on cookers and what BBQ is exactly?


I'm off to the PB to cool down...


I'M SO FARKING PI$$ED RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This made me laugh so hard Chris I had to dig out my inhaler. The "freaky version" is up to 472 hits already... I am sure this will lay around like a turd in my son's cold bathwater.... but hey.... I thought I do it for you... one sec... don;t go to bed yet....I have a present for back in 5 minutes.

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