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Default craving for Cuban (pic intensive)

So this nice lady named Norma from South Florida has a daughter staying with us. Norma's family is Cuban. Norma sent up a care package which contained among other things, several pieces of authentic Cuban bread. We stuck it in the freezer until we had time to do it right. Well, yesterday we got busy. Here's the story in pictures - enjoy!

Started with a familiar cut of meat - a pork shoulder.

Chopped up one and a half medium onions.

Processed it until it was a fine puree.

Nearly 2 cups of garlic. NOTE: I buy jars of peeled fresh garlic cloves and mince them in bulk in the food processor, then spread them into an even layer in a baking pan, freeze, and cut into 1" cubes. I keep the frozen garlic cubes in an empty yogurt container in the freezer and just pull one out when I need it. A cube is about 3 cloves of garlic, so this is intended to be about the equivalent of 40 cloves of garlic.

I added the (thawed) garlic, oregano, salt and pepper to the pureed onion.

Then I processed the mash for a few minutes until it was as homogeneous and mixed as I could get it. I warmed up some olive oil to about 225F in a skillet, shut off the heat and whisked in the mash along with a 23 oz bottle of sour orange juice.

After that was all mixed up and cool I had a nice panful of mojo sauce!

Then I put the roast in a no. 12 Dutch oven and injected it with mojo liberally.

And then poured most of the rest of the mojo sauce over the roast as a marinade.

I turned the roast in the middle of the night. In the morning, I pulled it out and put it on a rack in a roasting pan.

Slow roasted it all day long (about 10 hours) at 225F. I pulled it at 160F for slicing.

We sliced the Cuban bread, buttered one half, put whole grain mustard on the other, and layered ham, Swiss cheese, lechon asado (Cuban pork) and sliced dill pickle.

We did the grilling in a George Foreman grill which squeezes while grilling both sides. We also cooked up a mess of black beans with sofrito and home made bacon. Here's tonight's dinner plated:

Thanks, Norma!

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