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Default Weird OTG fire...

It was a fantastic weather day, so I decided to grill some shrimps and scallops for dinner.

I lit a chimney of charcoal, and poured it into the 18.5 OTG, like I have done many times before.

I brought the shrimps and scallops out, and I had big flames and black smoke rising from the OTG. WTF?

The flames were not coming from the coals. They were coming from the bowl, and the smoke smelled really bad. It was like I dumped diesel on the fire.

I used the one-touch mechanism to clean out the bowl, and that set the ash catcher on fire. The ash catcher burned for a good 15 minutes. BTW, I used the OT mechanism to clean the bowl before I started, and emptied the ash catcher, too.

I ended up cooking my dinner on the stove. I wasn't about to cook anything I was going to eat on THAT fire.

Has anyone seen this happen before?

I did get a couple of pictures. The first one kind of shows the flames coming from the bowl, but before I got the camera, the flames under the coals were WAY bigger, with thick, black smoke.

And here is a shot of the flaming ash catcher. I've NEVER seen that happen before.

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