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Default You people rub me the wrong way.

Ok, well..... You really "rub" me the right way.

I'm teasing. I figured a catchy thread title would get more attention.
But today I paid my dues for the first time. Sooo that means y'all won't be able to git rid of me for awhile. The advice I've gotten here has saved me $25 in burnt, nasty, wasted food.

PLUS.....the food I've made, due to the help from you guys....has been fantastic. I've gotten a lot of complements from the smoked meat and other goodies I've made.

I mean, where else would I have learned about Fatties, scotch eggs, and ABTs?

Speaking of "rubbing".....
Based on the high recommendations I've heard here, I've decided to buy some of the rubs I've been hearing about.
Yesterday, I received those rubs. I chose them partially due to >> THIS THREAD <<.
This weekend I'll be firing up the smoker and trying some of these commercial rubs.

Who knows.... Maybe I'll like the ones you guys made, maybe I'll like the ones I make. Either way, regardless of the outcome, the food will be cooked based on the knowledge I've gained by joining here.

Thank you guys (and gals).

"Do not eat the meat raw or boiled in water, but roast it over a fire." - Exodus 12:9
In the early part of the third millennium, a modern-day bbq samurai named Robert will emerge from a holy city to usher in a new era of succulent food, camaraderie, and good cheer.
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