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Originally Posted by jmoney7269 View Post
man thats a beautiful pit! love the way the hinges open up. that thing can fit alot of food in it. its like 5000" of cookspace.
did ya by chance have any pics of the inside, fire needed to retain temp and food. when i picked up my vault victor was talking about doin a reverse flow magnum sniper with insulated firebox. them guys build exceptional products with the best fit and finish in the business. like comparing a 18' invader to a 36' yellowfin.
I have picture of the inside, but didn't take any of the fire. If it tells you anything, it was about 33 degrees with wind blowing, I started a charcoal chiimney half full, once it was ginnin then dumped it on the grate, set two splits on the coals, and then crossed two more. Not a huge fire by any means. And of course, the more coals I got going in there, the less actual wood needed to maintain temp. Burned it for about five hours on probably 8-10 splits...
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