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Hey, don't feel bad because we've all done some "stupid" things when playing with fire. Lord knows I have. THANK YOU for the friendly reminder that no matter how experienced we get as bbq'ers. We can still mess up.

Let's see I've burnt a hole in our nice deck. I've caught the entire inside of my smoker on fire. It looked like an old testament sacrificial offering by the time it was done. I've caught my privacy fence on fire and almost had my neighbor not only call the fire department but the PO-lice. But a few smoked rib plates and pulled pork took care of that.

Good post.

Originally Posted by onexchef View Post

I am almost to embarrassed to post this but it's a good precautionary tale.

What you see my friends is what used to be an old bath towel. I am working on some jerky today. I put a small handful of chips into an electric smoker for about 30 min just to give it a kiss of smoke. When the chips were spent I took the chip pan out. I just grabbed the closest thing I saw an old towel that I used to wipe my hands earlier. No big deal it worked fine. My temp was fine so I went inside to do a couple things and when I came out this is what I saw. At first I was like what the frack is this. Then I realized it was the towel I had used. I am not sure if a tinny ember got caught in it or just the heat from the hot metal started it smoldering. But when I looked at it closer I could see it was still glowing. Needless to say I drug the chair out and sprayed it down with the hose. So now as my punishment for not paying attention I have a nice mess to deal with. Then when the wifey gets home I will have to tell her how I could have burned the house down.
I feel pretty stupid but I guess things could have been a lot worse.
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