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Originally Posted by Bluesman View Post
Great thread. Now, can someone explain the stacks of meat on the vertical skewer like in Phu's pics. What type of meat is this? Is it raw slabs of beef or lamb roasted on the outside and then shaved off? Interesting, I've never seen that were I live.
... yes. Raw slabs of meat, generally lamb or lamb/beef mixture, although beef also is quite common. Usually there are two spits, one for "meat" and a second for chicken. I've never seen pork used as most of the small street places are operated by Muslims, and most of the Greek places I've frequented use lamb (Giorgios can correct me on this), but I also know many use beef or beef/lamb mix. While there are significant differences between localities, the differences within a community are much less. Differences are in sauces (how spicy, whether it is only yogurt base, or sometimes multiple sauces), the type of bread used, the additions (like fries) and how the meat is trimmed. For instance some use large knives and cut the meat thicker (like in Phubar's pic). Others use a shaver and slice the meat paper thin. Sometimes you'll see an innovation show up (like the shaver), and in a very short period of time all the restaurants in the area use that shaver. Food evolves and this is no exception.
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