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Originally Posted by GMDGeek View Post
The person I spoke with on the phone indicated if I could show that the dogs had not access to the kitchen while prepping then it shouldn't be a problem. Seeing how I just child proofed my house and have kiddo gates at both entrances to the kitchen - easy enough.

There is a ton of stuff I have to do before I even have to get to that step sounds like.

1 - LLC / Trademark
2 - Insurance
3 - Food Handling Class / Certifiction
4 - Food Protection Class
5 - Home / Mobile Cook Inspection
You left out the most important "stuff"

Learn how to run a business, learn how to calculate food costs, labor costs and prime costs.

You can get all the insurance, food handling classes, inspections, etc. you want.....

But if you don't know how to run a know what happens.
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