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Got rid of the matchlight.
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Originally Posted by treytexag View Post
That's right, since the heating value of NG is around 1,000 btu/scf and the heating value of propane is about 2,500 btu/scf.

I think the original poster wants to run NG. I'm not giving you any advice, and YMMV, but if that were mine, I'd remove the propane regulator and short piece of attached hose, then I would simply run my flexible NG hose to the grill and try it out. If the original seller converted it to run propane, you won't be able to get enough NG to the burners to run on "high". I'm an Engineer, and I do not recommend you do what I would do here.

Again, YMMV.
Good call. I have the hose coming to me from Weber. Now that I understand the heating value, I can test and find out for myself. Thanks for the advice!

I got the grill for 450 so I think I should be ok
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