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Hey guys I just got my cyberq wifi and have been trying to get it all set up. I have it set up on infrastructure mode and can access it from web browswers/computers/the cyberq wifi app from within my network/home. I have a belkin n class router. "port forwarding' is not an option, but rather 'virtual server' which they claim does the same thing. I set up the virtual server with the local IP address of the cyberq and pointed it to port 80 and enabled. The only possible problem I see, is the only drop down choices for format are TCP and UDP. I notice in most of the guides it's suggested that the choice should be HTTP. I'm not sure if this is the problem (?) but I can't get it to pull up whatsoever from outside my network by typing in my computer's public IP address (starts with, not my local Any thoughts much appreciated!
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