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Originally Posted by Hometruckin View Post
Yes Thirdeye, and thanks for the reply. He told me that with the product that he gave me, that the brine would not get appreciably stronger no matter how long it was soaked. I thought that did not sound right. But I prefer to error on the cautious side! The end result is intended to be Pastrami. So far it may not be perfect, but it will be better than store bought!
This is good that he shared some advice. What they gave you was instruction for a lower cure concentration, and since you used the immersion method, (verses the injection/immersion method) the osmosis occurs more naturally, and the finished product is mild. In fact, this is the reason that you did not need a soak-out period after corning. Now, I'm not saying your pastrami will be mild, that is what the additional peppery seasonings are there for... I'm saying that if you made traditional corned beef with your point it would be milder than say... a store bought one (which almost always need soaking).

The reason I questioned the brine time.... is that lower concentration brines work slower. I use some Lite Brine methods on things. Low salt brines seem so contrary to the methods we grew up with, but I'm having good results. Be sure and keep notes of your process in case you want to change up anything.

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