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Here's what works so far (confirmed with testing):
  • Android phone connects to controller via bluetooth and starts the software.
  • Phone displays temps from all 6 probes.
  • Software monitors "pit" probe and sets blower speed.
  • Blower turns on and is adjusted by controller. (Verified last night. Yay!)
  • Software saves smoking session (e.g. temps and blower speed) to a DB and can chart them.

Not tested (yet):
  • Can controller keep a steady temp? I.e. is the PID algorithm set correctly? Getting this to work "well enough" could take a while. This is the big one.
  • What's battery life like?
  • Currently requires Android Version 4.0 or greater because I use some SQL code that requires it. I've put in a request for the SQL code to support 3.7. They say they've made the change but I haven't downloaded it to a 3.7 phone to verify.
Not supported (yet):
  • Open-lid monitoring.
  • Automatic pit adjustment. E.g. when food probe hits 190, drop pit temp to 200.
Some day I'd like to add the ability to monitor the smoker outside the range of bluetooth. This will involve setting up a web server and having the phone connect via the web server but I have no idea how I will implement this (if at all).

I'll post some screen shots of the phone software when I can. Just a warning: my UI skills are nowhere near those of Moontz and they will look ugly in comparison. They work great, though!

I have no plans on ever supporting the iPhone. My suggestion would be to buy a used Android phone on CL. A data plan isn't required, just a bluetooth connection.

How much will this cost? My best guess is that the cheapest would be ~ $60 + $10 per probe (not including the phone of course). This assumes you don't screw up and have to buy multiple parts (ahem) and don't spend a lot on shipping. Most people will spend more especially if one needs to buy tools. I've been trying to keep a close watch on my costs so I can give a firm estimate when I'm done.
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