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Default Re: Building a 42" Brick Pizza Oven & Grill.

Originally Posted by V-wiz View Post
The oven itself can be used as a smoker, if used/done right. I was thinking about adding a completely separate smoker cabinet but i decided it would be too much and would take up more space. I am building a BBQ pit, its pretty deep so i can smoke in that also, i plan on making a hinged door for the BBQ pit so i can smoke in that also.
Looking great!!!

Like most of us dreaming about doing this, I've put a lot of thought into it as well. I'm sure you could use the oven as a smoker, but I'd be worried about getting it built up with grease and gunk causing off flavors when cooking breads and what not. Having said that, I think the idea of putting a hinged door on the grill like a Texas pit smoker is brillant.

Can't wait to see it cook!

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