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I went with the stoker as well. Aside from being a gadget guru and lover of any tool, the piece of mind knowing this thing is running and I can continue sleeping or working is great. While I agree with many of the pitmasters here that you should be able to control your pit without the need for such devices, the glee of sleeping or adjusting while physically absent is awesome. And worrying about it after 6-8 hours is a different story at least for me.

Add to that the temp monitoring of the food and ability to chart a cook and see whats actually going on during a cook, and save the historical data for future reference and its an easy sell for me. But it does come at a cost, and I do believe the egg does very well with out it. As with any tool, it serves a purpose and makes thing easier at a price. I can saw a two by four in half with a hand saw but my 12 inch sliding compound miter does it much better. I still know how to use the hand saw, but I love power.

There are many options available so you just have to figure out what you can afford and how you intend to use it. Good luck with your decision. Took me 3 weeks of waffling. Ha ha.
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