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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by Marwendholt View Post
Ive done butts over the fire in a dutch oven, they taste like they came from a crock pot. The smoke can't get to them.
Re-read this I never said anything about a Dutch Oven! Hang the meat from the chain on a hook! BBQ= heat+ meat+ fire & smoke.

Originally Posted by Bludawg
Since you have a Tripod ( that's what the wimen call me) I would dig a shallow fire pit maybe a foot deep and build a fire in it keep feeding it until it is full to the top with coals set your tripod over the pit your gonna need a hook (PBC Style) hang the brisket over the coals and wrap a cheap blue tarp around the tri pod leave about 6" clearance between the ground and the tarp for drafting and you can add wood chunks under the tarp.
This style of cooking is an ancient one used by Indigenous peoples all over the word. I have cooked venison & antelope this way on several occasions.
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