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its weird how identical ur brisket looks pulled to mine.... i did a 230 degree fat down from 7pm to 4 am.... that nine freakin hours!!! as you could see from vids it was nowhere near done and seemingly burned to a crisp.... then it was wrapped with no liquid and cooked at 260 or so until 8 am ---- minus the wrapping and jackin time.... thats a total of 12.5 hours....

then it was checked... parts of the flat still had some yield but it was probably done by some northern pageant's standards---you know... ready to cover up with sauce... so then it sat and "rested" at 180-200 in the uds for at least 4 hours or so...

essentially.... 16-17 hours..... ur brisket flat was not done.....

also.... don't flip the fat up

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