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Default Texas Test Kitchen Pork Butt

This is a boneless 8# butt I did Friday I started it at 1pm Friday afternoon at 300*to 400 grate temp with the guru on the akorn. Simple s&p was used on this subject no injection, starting off fat side down for 2h then flipped fat side up for 2h, I wrapped with butcher paper after 4h in smoke and returned it to the smoker fat side down. Another 2h 15m in the BP wrap finishing it off at 350* temp and it was probe tender, after 6h 15m it was done sorry there is no temp taken with this test subject. Once it was done I pulled it off the smoker and rested it in a cambro with the door cracked never sealed for 1h 30m or until internal temp is 150*. This is what the end result looked like THx for looking brethren.

2h in smoke I used WG lump good stuff to

4h ready to wrap and go back on.

After 2h 15m pulling and resting time.

After 1h 30m rest in the cambro and still wrapped.

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