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Talking First HnF Brisket on my UDS

Had a family over from church this past Saturday. I thought I would use them as a guinea pigs for my first Hot and Fast Brisket and First brisket on my UDS. Used a mixture of Royal Oak lump, Kingsford Comp and some added hickory chunks.

I did not even check the temperature of the brisket. I only probed it until I thought it was done. Seasoned it up using Pitmaster T's tri-level and put it on the UDS at 6:00 am at 225 degrees, fat side down. Temperatures in the drum fluctuated between 218 to 253 for four hours. Flipped the brisket over and ramped the temp up to 300, now it was super stable at this temp. At 11:30 I check it by probing it and thought it could go a little longer. Checked again at noon, probed with little resistance so I pulled it and wrapped in butcher paper. Placed it in a cooler to rest. Ok so I started way early because I wanted to make sure it was done before my guest arrived at 6:00, just a little premature on my timing. I had to reheat in the oven, but I left it wrapped in paper.

My thoughts are that the flat was a little dry, didn’t fall apart or crumble. I thought it had a good pull with a little snap but honestly I haven’t ate a lot of Brisket. The point on the other hand was delish. Everyone thought it was great. Probaly could have pulled it at 11:30 and all would have been well.

And the pron…..

Jimmy Sean

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