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Cograts! I just abused my XL on Saturday with a pork butt/babyback cook that went very smoothly. 16 hours of steady temps . .

If you've already got an Akorn there shouldn't be much of a learning curve. The temps will come up a little slower and adjustments will take a bit more time so you'll have to be patient. If you make an adjustment to a vent, just let it go for a bit and you'll see the change. And just because it's a bigger rig doesn't mean you have to make huge vent adjustments.

My favorite thing to do is to put in one d-plate and use that side for indirect cooking while the other side is used for direct cooking. Perfect for the reverse sear on steaks.

Test the dome thermometer. Mine was way off and was not adjustable. I replaced it with a tel-Tru and the accuracy is spot on. Much more peace of mind. Enjoy! PM me with any questions. I've got the SS Cart and all the accessories too.
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