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Default 1st WSM cook.

So I scored a nice WSM on CL for $100 (yay me!) so what do I do? I get a full packer to break it in :P

10.5 untrimmed from Stater Brothers. Wasn't the best trim in the world but I gotta admit I loved doing it. I think I took off a good 1-1.5 lbs of fat.
Rubbed with coarse black pepper and kosher salt. Light to medium coat. Did NOT wanna over do it. (Thanks Franklin and all the others here for all the good tips!)

Smokin' away just after dawn with some red oak chunks. 250-285. WSM held temp fine but I found that it seemed to leak throught the door so I just used some foil to do a makeshift gasket.

This photo is about 5 hours in. I pulled it off and wrapped in paper. Kept it on for another 3 hours. Once it peaked about 190 I started probing for tenderness. Point seemed perfect but the flat still needed some TLC. I let it go for another hour and it started feelin' pretty good. Pulled at 195 ish (seemed to have a 2nd stall there), wrapped in a towel and off to the cooler for a nice sit.

After another hour or 2 in the chest, I unwrapped and sliced up the point. Omg I was so impressed. I've made some horrible stuff in the past but luckily I was able to learn from my mistakes. The 1st bite was worth every second of time I put into it :)
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