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Originally Posted by Pitmaster T View Post
I case you have missed it Bob, nearly every one of my videos from the last 3 years has pimped the brethren site. I am dedicated to it.

No, I did not miss it Donnie. My "Hmmmm" was directed at Bo. Whole nother issue. I thought I had discussed it with Bo, but I guess it needs further discussion between all the Mods and Joe. Who knows!

Donnie, your vids always DO promote this Forum. I thank you for that. Also, your vids do (in their own way) bring things back to the cooking process.........smoking, grilling, griddling, etc. That's the way it should be.

So back to the OT. I've made and had the PBC bird too. Can you give us a break down in terms of, well, everything. What's your interpretation of the PBC and how it works or why you think it works that way? With your Comp background, how do feel the PBC would work as a bird cooker for Comp purposes?

Looking forward to the other episodes. I'm dying to do a brisket on it!
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