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Just a thought here... as you all know I got a PBC and made a video about it.

Now the purpose of this post is not really to promote that but when I spoke to Noah over the phone I remember telling him that he should make a little extra coin by making a rack/hook hanging adapter for our UDSs in case someone wants to hang.

Thing is, its really not necessary and here is why. Look at this photo from Ninesixteen's UDS.

I was able to find this post by the way in the original and colossal 214 page UDS Thread by using my indexing thread I made here in case you want to find something in this thread without going through every page.

It more or less is the original lid design. Since this many of us have made exhausts that when you total up the area of outlet they equal more or less the total square inches of all these holes drilled in the top. Many of us have found we don't need all those holes and the regular top ports (one small and one) big will do.

Now look at this shot from a PBC thread...

We liked the hanging aspect of the PBC, so we incorporated into our UDS.

We liked the hanging aspect of the PBC, so we incorporated into our UDS.

So think on it. Simply drill pretty much the same holes in you uds SIDE, get some rebar and hooks and you are good to go. Buy a new lid and DON'T put the holes in it... simply use the holes that are in it. Heck, technically you could simply drill ALL these holes in the side or less if you want to make them bigger.

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