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Very cool. What are you doing to control the temp and humidity where it hangs?
I use a small 2.7 Cu ft. Black and Decker Fridge from Walmart - placed in our food pantry - which at the high range of the temp setting (= minimum #1 cooling setting) runs at 55-60F, which is what I normally use to dry meats and sausages.
I modified the racks a bit to enable placement of the meats and sausages - for drying sausages I custom sized some wooden dowels to fit in between the rails on the inside wall of the fridge..
(also drilled a hole in the door, thru which I inserted an instant meat thermometer to see temp without opening the door.)

(you basically can use any old fridge and do that - if the built in thermostat does not allow you to run at ~ 55 to 60 F - install a baseboard electric heat, line voltage switching thermometer in the fridge to regulate the temp and connect the power cord of the fridge to the switched output of that..)
if you really want to get fancy you can also install a small 120V fan in there to aid in air circulation..)

I use an old Hygrometer from one of my old cigar humidifiers , which I hung in the fridge (don't smoke anymore - cigars that is.... meats is another question ) to watch RH% - luckily I do not need anything to regulate it here in Houston- been at it for some years now - and nomally it runs at 70 RH when I start a batch and see it run down to ~ 60 after a while when stuff dries out.. (if need be, place a container with some water in the fridge to raise RH% or get hold of a small dehumidifier when it gets too high..) - they sell combined Hygrometer/thermometer units also..)
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