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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Kathy dragged me into this thread...thanks Girl!

Someone posted they were concerned about smoking a really lean meat and you replied something like you can smoke anything without drying it out if you do it right.
True...I can remember telling that to a Brethren yes.

I don't do much brining or injecting but when I do it is not for making the meat moist but to get some salt Phlavour into the bland meat.

In Holland we have much leaner cuts than the US so I'm more used to cook lean meats.
Brethren Code said it in his opening post that if you take the porkloin higher than 130F it will dry out...well...that's it!
I shoot for about 125F-129F and wrap it in Phoil.
The pork will look pink and not white...white tells me that it may have some juice in it but it becomes dry.

I might be wrong but it's quite safe to it pinkish pork nowadays rather than years ago when it was unsafe.

BTW...Tish's idea about stuPhing it with a Phat sausage sounds like a good plan to keep it moist on the inside.
Hmmm...that sentence sounds really good in a "dirty" way!

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