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Default The Zero's Club

Our Throwdowns are a bit different from most contests. In most contests, when someone gets a zero, they slink away in disgrace. However, in our contests, we give a hearty, "Congratulations!" Because we consider getting a zero a pinnacle of achievement. If you earn a zero, then you are now one of the elite, and with your new-found zero comes the opportunity to join a very prestigious club! You see, there is no shame in getting a zero. In fact, it can be quite hard to get one and some members have worked many a throwdown to try to achieve this honor. Sadly, some never do and end up leaving the throwdowns in disgrace.

So, how did it begin?
It just so happens that on occasion, some absolutely fabulous entries don't get a single vote at all. This can be a shock. It actually got its start with this entry right here by our very own Landarc:

Look at that! Isn't that the most perfectest fattie you ever saw? It was entered in the Breakfast TD of 2010 and earned exactly 0 votes! Here's the proof:

This was a dilemma for me. I thought this entry was amazing. It was absolutely perfect. But the voting was coming to an end and it had absolutely zero votes. It deserved to win, and yet if I voted for this, it would have one vote. There are countless great entries with 1 or 2 votes. Who even remembers them anymore. I didn't think this should be lost to history. This fattie deserved more! It deserved perfection. Not only did this fattie achieve throwdown perfection in earning that zero, but it was the beginning of the Zero's Club, organized to honor such perfection. The club began soon after, to celebrate those who have been skillful and lucky enough to score a perfect zero. Within the club, members can tell their story and post pictures, and by all means brag about this victory!

Wow, that sounds great! How do I join?

Hold your horses! First of all, you have to score a perfect zero in a Throwdown. If it's a special throwdown and you enter more than one entry, then you have to have a zero in ALL of your entries! That can be quite a feat to perform. One person has actually gotten five zeros in a single Throwdown and earned a Pentezero! He has reached demigod status! You can find out who this person is and read about his story in the Zero Club Archives (assuming Brad remembered to join).

OK, I entered a Throwdown and got a zero, now what?

Joining is a piece of cake. All you have to do is sign up. You can do this from the Group Memberships on your profile page, or you can just click on this link:

It should ask if you want to join and you simply say yes. Sorry, if you were expecting a secret password or handshake, you're going to be disappointed. We're not so hi-tech here and we go by the honor system. The other thing you'll notice is that this is a self-service club. Yeah, nobody empties the dishwasher, the fridge is always needing beer, and the trash is usually piling up. That's because the person who manages this club is very lazy. But once you're in, it's quite cozy. Make a link and tell your story, read others, and do post pictures! And most definitely, brag about the fabulous zero you earned, especially in that signature of yours. You've got great company!
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