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Default Trying Lump for the first time....Questions

Kind of a spur of the moment cook. I've been wanting to try lump for quite awhile, just decided today to try it with some stuffed chicken thighs. I will post some pRon later.

I normally use KBB but you know, I always taste a kind of petroleum flavor in the food, nobody else seems to notice. It seems that I don't taste it as much with the initial cook, but when I heat the leftovers, it is very noticable to me, again, others don't seem to notice it. Anyone else out there notice that?

I'm trying lump to see if that "goes away" if you will.

Anyhow, started up the chimney with a full load of lump. It was Frontier brand from Lowe's. I was hoping to get some Cowboy or Wicked good, but didn't manage to find either on my spur of the moment cook. I noticed a lot of "snap, crackle and pop" while it was firing up, is that normal with lump? Or is that just the brand....anyone else familiar with the Frontier brand?

Anyway, the cook is under way. I'll come back with some pRon and additional editorial in the next day or two.

By the way, I stuffed the chicken thighs (boned them first of course) with just a simple sage dressing, then seasond half of them with Yardbird, the other half with Savory poultry, then wrapped in bacon.

Anyway, more later.

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