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Originally Posted by dwfisk View Post
I've seen 6"-8" pipe with holes torched in it successfully used to distribute heat/smoke in a traditional offset and see no reason why it would not work in a reverse flow. I built mine with tuning plates sitting on 1" angle tacked to the inside wall. Here is a link showing & explaining mine:
Buttburner posted a better picture, same basic idea.
I think you could adapt this concept into 2-3 1/4" plates you could work in around the existing fabrication and weld in place or just let gravity do its thing. IMHO reverse flow, however you get there is the way to go.

If you already have pipe its probably worth a shot, but I'm a little concerned about getting enough flow with one 6" pipe, can you fit 2?
I looked at your pics. nice set up. Did you end up welding those plates together?

I could put in 2 6" pipes and drill holes in them all the way down starting with smaller holes going up if you think that would work. I know they wouldn't give off as much heat but will it be enough to do the trick.

I live in Baja, Mexico and everything you purchase is in full lengths meaning I would have to buy a 4' x 8' sheet of plating. LOL, I'm 70 yrs old 6' 255 lb weightlifter and stronger then a team of goats, but a 4 x 8 x 1/4" is not going to be the lightest to move around by yourself.....
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