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Originally Posted by gtr View Post
One thing I wanna mention is something I haven't really seen addressed directly, which is, regional styles aside, it seems to me the integrity comes in when we look at how much thought and effort goes into preparing food. Not that cooking has to be a difficult task, but is the primary motivation serving the best possible food. Is it being prepared with pride or not?

We all strive for efficiency in varying degrees with our cooking process, but I'm guessing that most of us here draw a line where sacrificing quality comes into play. I'm thinking that where that line is drawn - quality vs. efficiency - is where a lot of us determine where the integrity is.
There is no doubt that there is this equation any time one of cooks, when you start looking at restaurants, this is one of the questions you have to ask. How far are you willing to go, to make BBQ that is sold out of your place. But, no matter what choice you make in how you cook, how you then market said food, and how you choose to position it as BBQ still comes into play. In truth, if I was to get into a restaurant that sold baby backs that were steamed then grilled, I think my opinion would be that I could not call them BBQ in my mind. But, I sure wouldn't hesitate to call them wood-fired ribs, assuming I was finishing them over a wood fire.

It gets a little more complicated when you look at a Southern Pride or Frederick smoker, that uses gas or electric for heat and wood for flavor. A lot of folks won't call that BBQ. But, what then, is it. If it is smoked with wood smoke, generated from burning wood, it is smoked. Given the above, I would call it BBQ.
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