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Originally Posted by Boshizzle View Post
Seriously? Thanks for clarifying the rules. I will make sure to observe them all the way to the end from now on.

Allow me to clarify a bit further. First off, Bo, 3 Mods and Phil viewed your video. We agreed that it came down to being a Promotional Video for your Blog. The title of the thread did not lead us to think otherwise. Plus, the members that responded to your thread, also stated that they'd then visit your blog, so they got that same impression. Dare I say you refer to your Blog at least 13 times within the video. There is no cooking going on, and there is no specific reference to the Brethren in any way. When you say "check out my blog," "on my blog," or list the link to your blog, then it's about your blog but done within the lines of a video. Originally, it would have been deleted via this rule:
  • A link to your blog is ok in your signature.
  • Posting requests to "Read My Blog", "Check out my Blog" "Go to my Blog", considered a gratuitous link/for the sake of promotion and will be removed.
  • If your blog contains something interesting, post a copy or preview in our forum and let the members decide if they want to link back to read it.
Phil is always making changes and updates to the rules as new circumstances arise. He's had to make changes to account for things like blogs, Facebook, etc.
He allows you to put a link to your blog, etc BUT the rules state a return link is placed on your blog, etc back to The Brethren. Let's face it, your blog, etc benefits WAY more from the traffic generated from here and on any other forums, or places where you are linking from. So we allow the exposure but we also ask that the exposure in not only taken advantage of but also not forced on the rest of the membership with the "constant, gratuitous requests" to "go to my blog." Same reason Phil limits the amount of threads asking for money, donations, etc. Not that they aren't allowed, but he approves this kind of stuff first so that they don't get out of hand. All of this is covered in our rules.
He allows this for the member that pays for a subscription and the one that doesn't. We have discussed this before, purchasing a script does not get a member preferential treatment no matter how long they have been a member. It just doesn't.
So, to answer your question, yes, seriously. I'll take that by the last statement and the , that you weren't happy with our decision. Well, let's face it, people usually aren't happy when they are moderated. I hope that I have cleared this up for you and for anyone else. We also ask that members observe the rules from now until the end at all time. That is nothing new either.
This Blog thread is where we keep anything and everything Blog related, at least for now. That is why we placed it here vs. deleting it. If we had put it in WP, then all of these other Blogs should go there too. They get more exposure here, that's for sure. Hopefully you can see the dilemma that we are placed in at times. Hope this clarifies it.

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